Illustration : Team working onsite with the Mobile MPFM ( Older unit )

Editor : MPAS

The Rokan Working Area, a huge contributor to the Oil and Gas industry in Indonesia, was used to be run by Chevron Pacific Indonesia ( CPI ). However, at 9th August of 2021, the oil field had been transitioned from Chevron Pacific Indonesia Cooperation Contract Contractor to the Pertamina Hulu Rokan KKKS (PHR)

We were affected by this transition due to having a contract with CPI but thankfully, Pertamina Hulu Rokan ( PHR ) were confident enough to bring along our company to the new era of the Rokan Working Area.

As of right now, we are currently building 9 new units, which are then going to be sent to PHR, to continue operations in that area for the next 5 years.

8th of December 2023

We have finished building 2 brand new units of Mobile Well Test ( MPFM ) which have been sent directly to our workshop at Duri, Pekanbaru.

13th of December 2022

Both units had safely arrived at our KM4 Workshop, Duri, Pekanbaru and are expected to join Well Test operations as early as January 2023.

14th of April 2023

2 more units were successfully sent to Duri, Pekanbaru which marks 4 units out of 9.

18th of April 2023

Both units safely arrived at our Minas Yard, Pekanbaru.

19th of May 2023

Another 2 MWT units leaving our Cikarang Workshop to go direct to Duri, Pekanbaru.

23rd of May 2023

Both units made it and awaiting for clearance.

2nd of June 2023

The final 2 out of 3 units were shipped out of our Cikarang Workshop and on their way to Duri, Pekanbaru

6th of June 2023

Last 2 units safe and sound at our yard at Minas, Pekanbaru

8th of June 2023

Final unit has finally been sent, concluding a long awaited finish of constructing 9 brand new MWT units.

11th of June 2023

9th and the final unit arriving at our yard at Minas, Pekanbaru, awaiting for clearance.

This concludes the delivery of 9 brand new units to Pertamina Hulu Rokan and the hopeful beginning of a smooth operation for the next 5 years. We, MPAS thank Pertamina Hulu Rokan for their patience and guidance.

*will be updated monthly

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