Illustration : Site Inspection with Management Team alongside Field Manager and Crew

Editor : MPAS

Site inspections are needed to be done regularly to ensure that operations and performances are being done to the highest possibility and it is compulsory to keep both, MPAS and Pertamina satisfied.

Halfway into the current contract between Pertamina and MPAS, Management team from Head Office alongside the Field Manager and Project Manager conduct a site inspection at Pertamina EP Zona 7 Tambun.

As explained, site inspections are needed to be done to ensure that everything are running up to plan and being done to the highest possibility. It also allows the field crew, field manager, project manager and the management team to have an open discussion on :

  • How is everyone in the field doing.
  • What is currently happening surrounding the crew, unit and client.
  • What can be done to fix and/or improve the situation.

This would allow a healthy environment between the employees and management team, improving the overall production, efficiency and morale.

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