Descriptions :

High water cut conditions can occur in water and steam flood productions as well as in maturing reservoirs. Measurement uncertainty of net oil using a 2-phase separator increases exponentially at high water cuts (>85%). The Accuflow 3-Phase JR separation metering system addresses this issue of measurement uncertainty at high water cuts, by taking an additional step of separating water from oil. The Accuflow 3 phase JR consists of a smaller vertical and a larger vertical pipe sections connected together as shown. Production fluid (oil, water, and gas) enters the first vertical pipe tangentially, creating :

  • a cyclonic action in the pipe where the majority of the gas.
  • is separated and flows upward to the gas flow line above.

The liquid then flows into a secondary vertical pipe section where free water is dropped out on the front side of a baffle plate. The baffle plate serves to prevent disturbance of the of the water/oil interface from the incoming fluid.

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