Deep in the South Natuna Sea with MedcoEnergi

Illustration : GLCC unit installed on Medco’s Platform ( Forel Oil Platform ) at South Natuna Sea Block B Editor : MPAS Related to our other project with PT Megatrindo Internasional ( MTI ) and MedcoEnergi ( See our other post about MedcoEnergi ), we received another project from a major EPCI company in Indonesia. This time, […]

Trial & Commissioning – Pertamina Hulu Rokan

Illustration : MPAS Crew conducting a Sonolog Test, accompanied by several Company Representatives from PHR Editor : MPAS On the 21st of January 2023, Pertamina Hulu Rokan and PT. MPAS carried out a Trial & Commissioning at Pematang Field, Bengkalis, Riau The purpose of a Trial & Commissioning is to see whether the equipment is in accordance […]

Towards the New Era with Pertamina Hulu Rokan

Illustration : Team working onsite with the Mobile MPFM ( Older unit ) Editor : MPAS The Rokan Working Area, a huge contributor to the Oil and Gas industry in Indonesia, was used to be run by Chevron Pacific Indonesia ( CPI ). However, at 9th August of 2021, the oil field had been transitioned […]

A First with MedcoEnergi

Illustration : Structure of GLCC is being made at our Cikarang workshop Editor : MPAS In the year 2021, MPAS have been employed by PT Megatrindo Internasional ( MTI ) to manufacture a Gas-Liquid Cylindrical Cyclone or GLCC ( See Below ), that would be put into an Oil Platform at the South Natuna Sea, […]

Top Management Visit to Pertamina Hulu Rokan

Illustration : Site Inspection with Management Team alongside Crew and Company Representative from PHR ( Pertamina Hulu Rokan ), Pak Rudiyanto Editor : MPAS Following from the previous site inspection at Pertamina EP Zona 7 Tambun, another site inspection was conducted at Pertamina Hulu Rokan during the 7th September to the 13th of September 2022. Pertamina Hulu […]

Site Inspection at Pertamina EP Zona 7 Tambun

Illustration : Site Inspection with Management Team alongside Field Manager and Crew Editor : MPAS Site inspections are needed to be done regularly to ensure that operations and performances are being done to the highest possibility and it is compulsory to keep both, MPAS and Pertamina satisfied. Halfway into the current contract between Pertamina and […]

South Sudan with DPOC – Nile Delta

Illustration : MPFM unit at South Sudan field Editor : MPAS At March 2021, MPAS had successfully sent a unit across the Indian Ocean to the Dar Petroleum Operating Company located at the Republic of South Sudan, a project that had been in the works for almost an entire year. The project included the procurement […]

MPAS’ First Adventure with Pertamina EP

Illustration : Team photo at Site with MPFM unit at the background. Editor : MPAS Mitra Prana Abadi Sentosa’s oldest client to this date, Pertamina EP Zona 7 Tambun. It is located at Jl. Pertamina Raya Ds. Kedung Jaya, Kampung Wates, Babelan-Bekasi Utara, outside of Jakarta. MPAS started its working relationship with Pertamina EP Zona 7 Tambun […]