Illustration : Team photo at Site with MPFM unit at the background.

Editor : MPAS

Mitra Prana Abadi Sentosa’s oldest client to this date, Pertamina EP Zona 7 Tambun.

It is located at Jl. Pertamina Raya Ds. Kedung Jaya, Kampung Wates, Babelan-Bekasi Utara, outside of Jakarta.

MPAS started its working relationship with Pertamina EP Zona 7 Tambun back at 2009, which used to be called as Pertamina EP Asset 3, with our first edition of a Mobile Multiphase Flowmeter ( Mobile MPFM ), truly a one of a kind in Indonesia. Fast forward to the year of 2022, Pertamina EP Tambun and MPAS have agreed on a new contract to further help accomplish Indonesia’s and Pertamina’s goals.

Currently at Pertamina EP Tambun’s site, there are 2 active Mobile Multiphase Flowmeter in use.

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