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The “BiZone” has 5 modules that provides total flooding extinguishing of fire classes A, B, C and energized electrical equipment in the enclosures of the volume of: V = 60 m3 for Class B fires, V = 90 m3 for Class A fires

bizone steel tank

The “BiZone Steel Tank” has 2 modules that provides automatic extinguishing of fires in vertical steel tanks with either fixed roofs, pontoons or no pontoons. The modules are able to protect steel tanks with the highest capacity of 20000 m3


The “BiZone-Truck” module is designed to extinguish flammable liquids, flammable gases, fire and electrical equipment in the engine, battery, fuel and technical compartments of vehicles, using pipes

"gyurza" truck

The “Gyurza” truck is used to extinguish fires and carry out rescue operations at facilities with structures made of high-strength materials. It is an unique development made by Kalancha as it is has no other Russian counterparts involved