Illustration : GLCC unit installed on Medco’s Platform ( Forel Oil Platform ) at South Natuna Sea Block B

Editor : MPAS

Related to our other project with PT Megatrindo Internasional ( MTI ) and MedcoEnergi ( See our other post about MedcoEnergi ), we received another project from a major EPCI company in Indonesia.

This time, we welcomed PT Meindo Elang Indah. This major privately owned company has been in the EPCI Industry for a long time and have created many platforms along the waters of Indonesia, we are truly honored to be given this chance to work alongside them.

For this project with PT Meindo Elang Indah and MedcoEnergi, we made 3 Gas-Liquid Cylindrical Cyclone ( GLCC ) which will then be fitted into two separate oil platforms, Forel and Bronang located at South Natuna Sea, Riau.

Pictures below are our GLCC unit on Forel Platform :

Pictures below are our GLCC unit on Bronang Platform :

It took an entire year for these 3 units to finally be fitted into their respective oil platforms, it took a lot of work and it couldn’t be done without our engineers and support from PT Meindo Elang Indah.

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